Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fire engines last night

The empty lot down the street is being cleared right now. Maybe someone will build a house finally. There was a back hoe working all day yesterday. Around 5 pm we heard sirens and then a fire engine stopped right in front of our house. ( the picture below ). The back hoe had hit the natural gas line. Fortunately the leak was small and easily fixable, but the street was blocked off for an hour at each bend. Toni said that it was blocked at Keith Wilson too. He came home the other way and parked around the corner. There was another fire engine down closer to the empty lot, and there was a police cruiser there too. Up at our end we had Constable Bowden ( the bottom photo ) blocking off the bend in the road with his ghost car. My neighbour is a paramedic and he knew most of the cops and firemen. The RCMP has hockey cards of themselves now. The kids got one each from Const. Bowden. The 2 pictures at the top are of Kyle, who was allowed to sit in the fire truck. It was turned off and he had strict instructions not to touch anything!

Cute pics, especially the one of him sitting in the truck. I bet he was so excited!!
Oh, how dear nephew must have LOVED that!!!! My god, he must have been beside himself! Too bad TJ didn't come over to play yesterday afterall!!!
Those are so cute. Sounds like a fun night for the kids. Let the good times roll.

See ya Saturday!
How do you get your links to show when they were last updated when you put the cursor over them?
To anonymous. You have to join Blogrolling ( )and put all your links on their list. It only works if the blog you link to is on blogrolling though.
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