Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Autum Queen

I worked on Her Majesty for a little while this past week. The photo was taken yesterday, with a total of 105 hours worth of work.
This session I concentrated on the area at the lower right - the cape and brocade brown/olive/bronze area.

Some people on the Mirabilia BB have noticed that their Wisper thread is yellowing a bit. I had a good look at her in the sun yesterday and I don't think mine is. It still looks white to me. But I am stitching it next to pale creams and pale yellows so it could be picking up colour from that. I am stitching the Wisper on Winter from the same skein and it's definitely not yellow. I've also noticed that I need to reinforce a few beads when I do some more. The colour of the fabric is washed out a bit, but it's actually a pale greenish-grey called Waterlily.

Wow, really lovely, Kelley! I'm working on Royal Holiday right now but look forward to working on Autumn Queen one day. (I have all of them!)
Wow, that is amazing!
She looks great Kelley! I stitched mine 5 years ago & the Wisper hasn't yellowed at all.
Kelley - it's beautiful. Can't wait to see it all finished.
She is so beautiful!!!! Excellent work!!!
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