Thursday, April 13, 2006

11 years ago today...

... was our rehearsal dinner at my in-laws place. Just like in 1995 our wedding was also on Easter weekend. On Good Friday the 14th we had a barbeque at family friends' place. April 15th was a fairly warm, sunny day but the wind was brisk at times. We got great photos though.
On the 16th we did the gift opening at my parent's place. So Easter dinner was not turkey, but platters of meat, cheese, fruit, etc.

This year we are supposed to go to my folk's trailer, but Sunday's weather looks to be extremely damp so Mom and Dad will likely be coming here. I have to call Dad in a bit and firm up the plan.

Happy 11 years there girly!

It is so wonderful that we can be friends with such a wonderful couple.

We look forward to getting old with ya and going on cruises! (greg wants to know if you would wear clogs for him when we are 80)

Andrea and Greg
Happy anniversary to you guys. Have a WONDERFUL weekend.
Andrea you tell him I will wear clogs for him when we go cruising! Toni and I have talked about doing that in 3 years when we both turn 40.

And thanks Evey!
Hey! Just getting here now. I remember that rehearsal dinner, and the piano music and polka-ing that went on!


PS thanks for including a link to our (lame) blog!
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