Sunday, March 19, 2006

Eventful birthday again!

Today am 37 years old. We are supposed to be at my parents for dinner right now. However we helped my father-in-law make sausage yesterday and then stayed at his place last night. All night Kaiser was up puking and sitting on the toilet. Weezie barfed once but was otherwise fine.
So came home and they are resting and managing to eat crackers successfully. Sis will bring home some turkey for us when she gets back tomorrow.

By eventful AGAIN I mean the last several years have not gone by uneventfully except for last year. Totally boring birthday, nothing weird happened. It was rather refreshing. In 2002 when I turned 33 we had a freak snow storm on March 19th. Highly unusually around here. In 2003, Mr. Bush started the war in Iraq. While nothing personally bad happened to me, it is kind of a bummer when a war starts on your birthday. In 2004 we drove up to Summerland with Toni's Dad to see my sis-in-law for a few days. Just south of Peachland the van crapped out and I wound up with a rebuilt transmission for my birthday.

So it would seem that I am back at the beginning of the 3 year cycle of eventful happenings on March 19th. That would fine because I will then be safe for the 4th year of the cycle when I turn 40.

Happy Birthday !!! :) I hope the cycle ends and next year is a thrilling one - healthy, happy, and fabulous.

Hopefully everyone is feeling better soon too.
Happy birthday, Kelley!!!
I love you and all the events you bring every 3 yrs!
Happy belated birthday!! :)
Belated happy birthday Kelley! I hope you had a good one. :o)
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