Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Endless round of stomach germs.

Kaiser was awake at 4 this morning sitting on the pot. He just barely dragged his butt to school. We stopped at the corner and watched his sister go the rest of the way by herself. Although she wasn't really by herself. About 20 other kids were walking to exactly the same place.

Then I get a call from the school about 10:30 that she doesn't feel good. I drag him back and we meet her part way. She's running a slight fever so the Motrin comes out when we get home. Then both of them go to sleep. They had a bit of lunch. Hers promptly cameback up.

This is getting old now. We've been at it off and on with one kid or the other since about 8 pm on Sat. night. It's only a matter of time before Hubby and I get it. The thing is that they aren't really sick. The little guy is tired and just needs to get over it now. Princess seems perfectly fine now that she's tossed her lunch. Wait and see I guess.

Ok you see this is when you call me and I come and pick up the princess and bring her home... you know my numbers and you know i am always home or hiding at the gym. Call the gym... it is my second home!
Hope you kids are better soon and hope you and your hubby stay well.
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