Saturday, March 11, 2006

Comments posted and received

Thanks to everyone who has made a comment lately. Several of the bloggers that I know from various stitching bulletin boards occasionally make comments. We all sort of decided after loosing our stitching buddy Laura to try to comment a bit more often and not just read people's blogs and lurk. So to that end I am commenting more on my stitching buddies blogs. I don't leave comments willy-nilly though, nor do I usually comment if there are already 10 or 12 replies. In that case my comment would like just be a rehash of what everyone else has already said. So thank you to my fellow stitchers for your comments.
I have also followed links from my friend Bav's blog and made comments to some of her buddies. In return I have received comments from Kim ( who I got to meet recently ), Evey ( Go Canucks!), Lori and Shelley. Thanks ladies!

Canucks......:P Just remember that we have beaten you FIVE times this season. Although we play you 3 more times and I am certain the Nucks will be out for revenge! Im a little worried. lol
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