Saturday, February 11, 2006

Kaiser's birthday, Part 1

This morning we were all at the Y for my son's birthday party. They started off in the gym to run around and work off energy. All was going well until Mr. Man got hit with the puck courtesy of Daddy. Then he had to sit on the bench with me and pout for 20 minutes. Jeesh! At least the other kids had fun. TJ is pretty good with a hockey stick and my cousin's little girl was practicing her hula hooping.

Then we went and got the kids fed in the party room. Hot dogs were gobbled up fairly quickly by almost everyone. They were starving after the hour of exercise. We almost forgot to bring home the presents and I owe another $30 for extra kids. ( the basic price is for 10 kids, then they are $7.50 a kid after that ). Oh well, small price to pay for them not messing up my house!

It was great fun. DH is very impressed with the pics of TJ playing hockey. I guess your DH just picks a kid to peg every year? Last year TJ, this year his own son . . . I think he should be banned from playing hockey with the kids!! Hope Kaiser had a better rest of the day!
LOL...leave it to a daddy to pop the b-day boy. Don't they know the rules on that????? LOL
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