Monday, February 27, 2006

27 page sides

That is what I accomplished this weekend at Camp Stillwood We stayed in Cedar Lodge, which is the picture on the left of the lodge photos.
I started a Creative Memories navy Premiere 12X12 album with January of 2003. I finished up with Weezie's first day of Kindergarten.
I have to tidy up the items I bought and then I will put my scrapbook stuff away for a while.

We had a great time and Cedar Lodge was perfect Twelve of us used the downstairs area for our work space and we all slept upstairs. We just trekked off to the dining hall at mealtime.

Did you go out there with a bunch of girlfriends? Sounds like a great a idea to hide away for the weekend and scrapbook together.
Yes Evey there were 12 of us. We usually go once a year and it's a great way to get a bunch of work done.
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