Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bryan Adams

Great concert at GM Place last night! Bryan always does a little extra for the home-town crowd. The kids loved it. Kaiser fell asleep just before the encore. Weezie sang and boogied and clapped until the end.
He played a good mix of old favourites and some newer stuff. T and I went to his concert in '92 or '93. It was good to see him again, and hear some things that we missed when he came around 2 or 3 years ago. He chose a girl from the audience to sing "When You're Gone" with him. She was pretty good. Tiffany from Burnaby was there with her boyfriend and his family and Bryan said he would get them all tour shirts.
I remember plenty of lighters and a few glo-sticks from last time. Last night during "Everything I Do" and "Heaven" it was lighters, lots of glo-sticks and off course tons of cell phones.
He saved "Cloud Number Nine" , "Run to You", and something else that I forget for the encore. We then got treated to just him and the acoustic for a few songs like "Straight From the Heart" and "All For Love".
The kids are asking when we can see him again!

I was trying to explain to them about changing the arena around for different stuff. The Canucks are at home against Buffalo tonight so they can see it on TV in hockey mode. It's back to concert set-up again for Friday night for Nickleback. My sister-in-law Lorraine is going to that concert too.

I love Nicleback too! My parents never took me to see anything like this. Man you are some good parents!

We are off to see the Chiefs play on Saturday... box seats, food, and a little drinky-drinky! Let the good times roll!
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