Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Phew! That was tiring.

Today is recovery and clean-up day. We got back last night after several days at my father-in-law's. Christmas Eve and Boxing Day were spent at my folks' in Ladner. The kids were so cute together. TJ loved the truck and dune buggy that my 2 gave him. Thanks Mom and Dad for the yummy roast!

Christmas dinner was at Dad Mueller's. Almost the whole clan was there, with the usual hilarity. It's too bad my in-laws are all so staid and boring. We never have any fun...
The highlight I think was Auntie Elke and nephew Nick dancing on the coffee table.

K and K are busy playing with their new stuff. Kaiser loves his crane. Weezie is thrilled with her Shiver bear. I think later on we will try out their new "Life" game.

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