Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Great SkyTrain adventure.

The littlest things amuse the kids. T and I are pretty familiar with Vancouver's Rapid Transit System. K & K have missed out on stuff like that since they were born here. So today we drove to Surrey and parked at the King George station. There is a Day's Inn right there that shares an Impark lot ( $3.75 all day ) with the station. We went all the way down to Waterfront and then took the Seabus across the inlet to Lonsdale Quay. An hour was spent mooching around in the market. The kids were impressed with the cool toy store on the 2nd floor. I liked the Celtic store, but we didn't buy anything. I wanted to get a t-shirt that said "I'm the Irishwoman your mother warned you about!" We had some lunch and then came back across the inlet to downtown. A leg-stretching walk around Canada Place was curtailed to wind and Weezie complaining about her throat starting to hurt. Back down to Waterfront Station we went and got back on SkyTrain.

The trial run for SkyTrain to Bryan Adams in 3 weeks was a success. Now that they know all about the train we won't get 25,000 questions any more.

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