Tuesday, November 29, 2005

So we are going to have an election...

I know exactly who is to blame for the timing of this. So I do not care who our Liberal candidate is, that is where my vote is going. Not that I trust them too much, but then I don't really trust any politicians. The fact that Harper is in bed with the Bloc just makes me gag. Obviously he really cares about Canada by forming that little alliance. Don't even count the NDP, Layton just makes up the third of that mistake.

How does that saying go? "Better the devil you know..." Part of me hopes that the Tories ( wolves in Reform clothing ) get a minority government. I will laugh hysterically while I watch Layton scurry back to the Liberals.

And this MY FRIEND is why I love you! I love this post and I love you for your great mind! I have no idea what I will vote.... is there a sex party? LOL! Well you did say "in bed together"....
Oh I am so with you- I am voting Liberal even though those bastards piss me off out of spite. Whata bunch of assholes in the house. No goddamn way I want that slimy Harper in there. Like he'd be any less corrupt. "OOOOO look at me, I am so good I will make it all better." What an ass.
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