Monday, November 07, 2005

Odds and ends

Holy crap, I haven't posted in a whole week! Without further ado, here is what we were up to:

-Busy at school last week. Helped out with hot lunch on Wed. and then baby-sat G-man for Bertha on Thurs. so she could do the same. Bunch of other PAC stuff had to get cleared up too. Looked after TJ on Friday.

-Spa night at Bav's on Friday. Thanks for a swell time dahling!

-Weekend was spent hanging out with the kids. Hubby almost got the tile around the fireplace finished. They just need a final glueing. He also put white grout between the tiles in our shower. 6 months after the tiles went in....
Played "Chicken Foot" with the set of Double Fifteen dominoes. Kaiser was starting to get it pretty good.

-Finished up another 5 hours on Angel of the Sea, to bring her to 136 hours. No picture this time, maybe after another 10 hours or so.

I had a great time too and thanks for the help with the RED wine... my bad!
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