Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hobbies goals, a bit early.

Okay so November isn't really over yet, but Christmas songs started playing on the radio this morning so it may as well be.
November - I finished my rotation. Finally! Angel of the Sea is now up to just over 141 hours. Alas I have no photos. I've been fighting with Dreamweaver for a week now. I uploaded the last photo of her just fine. A week later, I try Stroke of Midnight and I get anFTP error saying the file may not be there ( wrong, it's sitting there, large as life, in my folder ) or it may be a permission error. I don't have time to fight with Telus right now about our web space though.
December - Hobbies will be limited until Christmas stuff gets accomplished. This week will be serious work on writing up cards. I have overseas ones to get away for sure. If I have time after Christmas I might work on my little cross stitch farm animals for the AQP. The fall of 2002 awaits work in my scrapbook.

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