Thursday, October 20, 2005

Special Angel Quilt delivery

The Angel Quilt Project is sending a quilt out by special request ( mine ) to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. On Monday night while some of the PAC moms from school were having coffee at Boston Pizza, Nancy mentioned a relative of her's who had a month-old preemie still in the hospital.

When I got home I emailed one of the project's quilters who I knew had a quilt ready. It will be on it's way today from Ontario to Saskatoon.

I am always excited to get quilts delivered! A couple of them went to Colchester Regional Hospital in Truro last week. I got an email from Shauna MacDonnell, the NICU Manager, profusely thanking the project. It was only 2 quilts so I felt kind of bad actually! They should be getting another 4 this week I hope.

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