Thursday, October 06, 2005

One strike officially over, another starting.

First the good news. YAY HOCKEY!! Thank God it's back. Last week I was addressing and envelope of Angel Quilt Project stuff to Swift Current, Saskatchewan. The stray thought of "GO Broncos!" flashed through my head! I guess I a missed it more than I thought. DH and I watched the Canucks beat Phoenix. So much for Gretzky's coaching debut! Hubby and I are now in the "old folks" position who remember Trevor Linden as the new young guy. Now at 35 he's the oldest guy on the team ( and a tad younger than us)! Weird!

Love the new rules. Nice fast game. Shootout was cool especially since the Leafs lost! And BOO HISS to the Toronto Sports Network who just had to finish out the Leafs/Sens game and make me miss the beginning of the Canucks game. The shootout itself was worth seeing since it was the first one ( I could kiss Danny Heatley ) but normally I don't give a rat's ass what TO and Ottawa are up to.

Now the bad news. The teachers are going on strike tomorrow. I have great sympathy for the marvelous teachers who are just trying to help the kids and do their jobs the best they can, and none at all for the shit-disturbers. Now the government imposing that contract was rather a crappy move. But my Dad taught Math for 36 years and I know what the BCTF is capable of. Let's just say they don't always use their powers for good...

That's as political as I am going to get. No statement here pertains to any individuals in particular.

I even had Bertha watching the first Hockey game! I missed it... I almost... almost had to wipe a tear!
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