Sunday, October 16, 2005

Little things add up

Yesterday was a very frustrating day. Hence my pissed off post that had Bav calling me around 10ish last night.

Nothing very dire happened yesterday though. But throughout the day, everything I went to do somehow went wrong. And it wasn't that I slipped up with not paying attention and what I was doing got messed up once. It was more like 3 times it didn't work! Such as having to pick out a seam on Kyra's witch tunic twice. Stabbing myself with pins several times. Frogging one area on Angel of Sea three times. Apparantly I could neither see nor count yesterday. I took a break to play a game with the kids. Angus decided to do his impression of Godzilla and walk over the board. I burned my finger on dish water that was too hot.

All in all, there was nothing really terrible that occurred, but I was really fed up by the time I even tried to get pictures to post on my blog. I should have not even bothered considering how my day had gone up until then.

Around 9 last night DH and I messed around with Blogger and did get a picture to work, I just didn't publish it. Thanks Bav for posting the one with Gnorm and my kids.

I burnt myself today making everyone pancakes.... friggen people who need food!

You are such a good mommy to be sitting down and entertaining the beasts! Too bad Godzilla was passing through.

un, yeah, I have days like that too. Like friday when I was going to drive to abbotsford. While getting ready, i got a sliver in one foot, burnt my tounge and stepped on a really sharp toy. needless to say, I drove nowhere.

Also, doesn't matter how many projects you've done, you still have sewing experiences like that where you rip out the same seam over and over.
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