Friday, October 21, 2005

A historically important date.

October 21st, 1805 was the day of the Battle of Trafalgar, between the Royal Navy and the navies of Spain and France. Admiral Horatio Nelson, Captain of HMS Victory was mortally wounded during the battle.

My folks were in England last month. They toured the Victory, which is anchored in Portsmouth Harbour. Dad had some very interesting photos of the inside of the ship.

Dad also had pictures of Nelson's Column, in the centre of Trafalgar Square, just outside Buckingham Palace.

YOu should scam some of mom and dad's pics for us all to see!
Would if I had a scanner!
How cool that they toured HMS Victory! I've seen the ship on some documentaries but never in real life. Those old ships were so beautiful. Thanks for posting a reminder about this very important battle :)
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