Sunday, October 30, 2005

Good try Rams!

As some of you know, Toni's nephew Nick plays for the South Fraser Rams of the BC division of the Canadian Junior Football League. Last week they beat Okanagan for the BC championship. Last night they played the Edmonton Huskies, winners of whatever their division was. The game was for something called the Intragold Cup.
It was a lovely night for football, except for the fog/steam/smoke from the Bear Creek Park Halloween train that kept drifting over the field. At times it was hard to tell what was going on.
The Rams were unfortunately throughly waxed, 57-3. We all felt bad for Nick, but cheered mightily whenever he got a tackle. The announcer would say, "#54, Nick Mueller with the stop" and we'd all go nuts. The first time that happened the annoucer actually repeated himself - "I said, #54..." as if we weren't quite loud enough origanally. Poor Nick! If you can't embarass family, who can you embarass?

Better luck next year Rams!

Good for you for yelling and supporting him! How fun!
Hi Kelley,

I'd like to chat with you about the Angel Quilt Project and possibly do a story if you're interested. I'm a reporter with the Progress and the email listed on the newsletter I saw around town didn't work, so I figured this was the next best way for me to get a hold of you ... pretty much the only way.

If you could get a hold of me as soon as possible so we could set up a time that would be fabulous.

Katie Robinson
reporter, Chilliwack Progress
604-702-5575 (calling me is probably the best way of getting a hold of me)
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