Monday, October 10, 2005


Too much ham on Saturday with Toni's sister and brother-in-law, neice and neice's boyfriend. Good company though and a nice walk down by the river while the guys fished.

Too much turkey yesterday with my folks and sis and BIL. Today was shopping day with mom, sis and Kyra. Bought more school clothes for Peanut since Sears had a sale on. I also bought myself a purple hobo purse on sale for $20 and a black dress for the Christmas party ( also on sale for $44 instead of $80! ). So we went to Payless and I bought cute black shoes too.

A new black bra, some very shear smoky-coloured pantyhose ( control top of course! ) and some new earrings or something and I am good to go. Party isn't until Dec. 10th. Now a new shirt for Toni would be nice. I bought higher-heeled shoes than usual too so that we could dance and I can look at his Adam's apple instead of the 3rd button on his shirt.

Ah you got yourself some hooker shoes!
I am soooo LOL at Andrea's hooker shoes comment! :)

I am sooo jealous you all get to have Thanksgiving first! I am just drooling reading about everyone's meals. I can't wait for ours! :(
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