Friday, October 14, 2005

Chronicles of Gnorm, Part One

Gnorm the Gnome came to visit us on Tuesday. I took a picture of him with the kids and Angus. He also posed with the 15 lb. chum salmon that Toni caught in the Vedder River on Wednesday night. This morning he had tea with Kyle. I would dearly love to post the pictures here on my blog. I tried to post them right from my hard drive. The photo upload screen came up completely blank. So I published them to my web page and tried again. Completely blank again. I get the "Blogger is uploading your images" screen and that's it, no results. Stupid technology!

So I have provided a link to my stitching page instead. Photos of Gnorm will be hanging out there for a while. Please scroll to the bottom of all the stitching stuff.

Badder Baby yelled Gnorman! LOL... glad to see he is loving his time with you all.
He looks very happy and well cared for, the chum however looks a little traumatized.
I thought I have seen it all until I saw Gnorm with a fish! Too funny. I will post his pictures on my site linking you as well. Thank you and your family is beautiful!!!
Try using Picassa. You load your pics there from wherever you have them on your computer then it will load them to your blog for you. I couldn't open the pics in your stitching gallery.
came her via andrea to visit gnorm!
i love that one with him having tea, your sons sure looks like her knows how to be the perfect host!
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