Sunday, October 16, 2005

Angel of the Sea at 131 hours

I just took her out of the Q-snaps this afternoon. I am going to work on some little things for a bit, including the bookmark kit my mom bought me when she was in Wales last month. Then I have a couple of hours of work to do on Autumn Queen before getting back to working on the angel. When I start my next rotation ( round 11 ) I will post it first. For the non-rotation crowd, I will explain how I work mine out. Everyone has a diffferent method.

She's really beautiful, Kelley!
I want to learn how to crossstich! Please let me know! Do you have to take a class?
Wow Kell, she looks beautiful. So how many hours in total?
lol... I did not read the title just saw the pic and started reading. 131 hrs holy crap!
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