Saturday, August 13, 2005

We did "nothing" today.

Sometimes the unscheduled days are the best. Today was kind of an average day. Hubby went and got his hair cut. Now he has a cute little whiter patche at the back of his neck that isn't tanned.

This afternoon some ex-neighbours came by for a drink and to pick up some signs DH made on the plotter at work. Our former townhouse complex is having a BBQ next Sunday afternoon and we are invited as guests of the same ex-neighbours.

I got a couple of scrapbook pages done of spring 2002. Now I have to raid Lisa's inventory of paper before I do my sister's wedding.

For dinner we had teriyaki salmon, the last of 2004's spring salmon catch. After dinner we sat on the deck and relaxed. The local radio station has "Saturday Night Dance Party" with lots of good disco. The kids have been allowed to stay up late and now we are going to look through the telescope.

Now a little sex on the sundeck and I would call it a great day!
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