Monday, August 29, 2005

Sorry IKEA

Sorry for my son touching everything. Sorry for me telling him to stop touching everything.

Well that's what sis and I get for taking my 2 and her little guy to Coquitlam this morning. It took forever to get there. Traffic was horrible and there was a frigging moonsoon in Surrey. We kept thinking, "at least it's not as bad as New Orleans" and then we had a little worry session about our bulletin board friends down there.

Finally at noon we make it to IKEA and decide to feed the hordes first. Half an hour and several meatballs later we were off to shop! K got a ton of stuff, some of which will wind up as Weezer's birthday present. I got one of those hanging toy bag things for her room. I also got an umbrella, a cutting board, and some really cheap cotton towels ( extra for guests, just in case ). Must remember them in future when DH wants bar towels...

Made it back home just before 5 and beat DH by about 5 minutes. At some point while I was gone we had a power outage. I didn't actually know what time it was when I came in the door, so I called Bertha to ask her a dumb question. Fortunately DH pulled in just then. Smart man actually wears a watch so we were okay. Thanks anyway Bertha!

Ours flickered but never went out. The kids and I were really hoping for dinner by candle light. Funny.... guess we could have just shut the lights off!

I went to ikea the other day. I felt the childrens section seemed a bit smaller then last yr. Did you find that too?

Glad you had fun!

Next time can I tag along? I'll sit in the trunk even.
Please let Lisa go with. She NEEDS to.
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