Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Home Depot king

Toni always manages to find sales and good deals wherever he goes. Today he came home with 3 sets of track lighting for our kitchen. They are nice brushed chrome, with frosted glass "balls" on the end. If you have been in my kitchen you know the pitiful state of the light in there. The electrician must have been on crack. Each set of lighting was $20. He also got a set of heavy duty chrome shelving for about half price. It was on sale for $109. We put it in the corner by the sliding door. Two of the plants fit on the bottom shelf. He is going back tomorrow to get another one to put the microwave on. Currently it's sitting on a wooden shelf that would be much better off downstairs with computer crap on it.

If I think of it I will take photos. I'm going to put a fresh card in the camera before we go to my father-in-law's barbecue on Saturday, so I'll take a few shots to take with me, and I'll upload them before I go. Provided of course I remember! You'll just have to come over and see for yourself...

I want to come over, you just let me know when!
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