Thursday, August 18, 2005

A few things...

We got the bottom half of the front of the house painted on the weekend. Now the trim up top is still burgundy and the bottom is olive green. Toni and I will do more on Saturday morning before the sun comes around to the front of the house.


I have gotten as far as my sister's wedding in the 2002 scrapbook. I'm taking a break for a few days now.


I have started my first official panel for the Angel Quilt Project. It's a Precious Moments design called "Let the Heavens Rejoice". It's for a special request quilt for a 5 year old girl who has cancer. She loves PM stuff.


The kids have been back at swimming lessons since Monday. Kaiser is doing way better about putting his face in the water and jumping in without anyone holding him. I think swimming with Daddy in Osoyoos helped.

Great job on the swimming!

Soon we will be joining you in your painting fun!
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