Saturday, July 16, 2005

Some thoughtful reading.

I just went to have a look at my folder of AQP charts, and noticed the media package that James ( the project's founder and our Fearless Leader ) put together and that I received from Lorrie.
It contains info about the project, James' emails to various designers and people like Zweigart fabrics asking for donations, his emails to hospitals that are on the US's donor list, emails from NICU and Patient Care Co-Ordinators who have given donated quilts to patients, and most importantly, thank you emails and letters from parents.

I read one in particular that made me damn sure of why we are doing this. The parents sent James an email about their son, who was born in Alaska. He was very early and lived for only a month. The day he died, the hospital staff gave his parents the quilt. They could not express enough thanks to James and the project members. The even asked him for the names of the quilter and stitcher so that they could send personal thanks to them as well.

I always feel a little guilty about asking new members for their address. I don't want them to feel like I will be using it for some illicit purpose. But parents like the people in Alaska are exactly why.

( It's amazing the difference to ones' thought that blogging at 3 in the afternoon versus late at night makes )

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