Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Finally got the swimming thing figured out!

Poor Weezer! Mommy guessed wrong when I signed up the kids for swimming lessons a few weeks ago. They haven't gone in over a year and I forgot the stuff that they knew already. She went in the 10:30 Dolphins class on Monday and couldn't keep up. The instructor Chris was great. He said to take her out of the pool and go to talk to the main instructor who co-ordinates everything. The woman is amazing and must know in her head what kid is currently in what class. She said that so-and-so in the 10:30 Seals class is doing well and should move up and then Kyra can take her place. Well that finally was organized this morning, and Kyra had a great time. Kyle had a rocky start on Monday, but now he's excited to go and has fun. He really needs to stop drinking the pool though.

I am impressed by the Cheam Centre's pool. It's organized chaos in there, but it all runs like clockwork. Chris is Kyle's teacher and he is low-key, but firm. Kyra's teacher Erica is brisk and energetic and doesn't give them time to even think "no I don't want to", much less say it.

The kids' lessons are M-F until the 15th. I may put them in for another 2 weeks until we go away, or wait until we get back from our holidays. I'd kind of like to keep them on a roll though, especially Kyle. I don't want him to think too much in between.

That pool is amazing for getting results! But the chaos can be a bit too much at times!
We have to do the same thing. Thank you for reminding us. Glad everything got figured out.
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