Friday, July 15, 2005


I am having a hard time staying excited about being the head honcho of the Canadian division of the Angel Quilt Project. I got all anal and organized a "delivery person" for each hospital so that I don't have to mail boxes of quilts all over Canada. Everyone was great about volunteering for that job, which I was grateful for. Jessica Fang is busting her butt in Ontario getting us more members and that is good too.

Has Sharon received any quilts for McMaster yet? Just emailed her tonight to find out. I am kind of hoping so, since I was in contact with the head of the NICU there at the beginning of JUNE to tell her that they were next on our list.

Is anyone stitching anything? Is anyone quilting anything? Does anyone take a photo of a finished quilt so that I can put them in my Web shots album so that when members ask me how their panel turned out in a finished quilt I can tell them something positive! ( Sorry for the run-on sentence...)

I know I am the pot calling the kettle black, since I haven't stitched anything either. I should be trying to get a craft sale going to raise funds too.

Sorry if any members are reading this, it's late and I just felt like a little whine about the fact that it seems like I am the leader of nothing sometimes. soon can I start stitching "Jeanne Love's Angel"?

Hey girl you know I can quit... what do ya need?

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