Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cucumbers in the washing machine....

Toni went to the Yellow Barn on No. 3 Rd. yesterday to pick up the dill cukes on his way home. The lady he bought them from said the best way to wash them is in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, but don't let them spin. It works like a hot damn!

I just had to take a picture as evidence. I think Lisa figured I was making up some shit to blow her off about Wal-Mart. Sorry Lisa, but I had fun playing with my husband cucumbers. (Cucumbers in the washing machine is a way better euphemism than "laundry", hey Andrea?)

Kyra took the photo on the right of the finished product.

thanks for the laugh, I needed that. From the title, I thought they might be from Kyle's pocket . . . unfinished lunch or leftovers for later. I can't wait to taste them!
LOL no I totally knew that you were for real. I mean who else but you guys would put their cucumbers in the washing machine.

Actually from now on that should be your code. Can't play tonight- gotta put the cucumbers in the washing machine. That is definately spit coffee on screen funny.
What the ....

Now that is doing laundry! Is this how you strange people wash all your veggies.... must of us use the sink!
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