Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A bit of stitching

I picked up the needle again this week and knocked off the last little bit of my rotation slot of the Alaska sampler. Kyra took a picture of it for me, so I will update my stitching page eventually. I am now working on Angel of the Sea again. Just for fun I checked out Taneya's Galleries to see what the listing was for that particular design. Taneya has a small child and hasn't been able to update the gallery too much, but we can totally forgive her!

Apparantly as of March there were 23 listing for Sea, with 4 of those listing being WIPs ( mine, Erica's and 2 others ) and the others were pictures of finished sea angels. I am glad I remembered about the galleries, it's fun to go see who is working on the same stuff as you.

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