Saturday, May 07, 2005

All done!

My feet are killing me, and I came home at 9ish last night to have a couple of Bailey's over ice, but THE CARNIVAL IS OVER!

The weather was great and we got a really good turnout. Many people mentioned that the carnival was very good. My kids had a terrific time. I had a good time too actually. The Spin and Win game that I was running for the first hour was a total riot. It was pretty popular and I had to make sure the intermediate kids were giving the wheel a good spin and not trying to cheat! The little kids were so cute that they made up for the older ones who thought they were too cool. I made sure they didn't think that for too long! "C'mon what are ya, weak? Give it good spin there Muscles!" I got rather confused by one boy who seemed to be spinning the wheel all the time. Later I figured out that they were twins.....

Now back to regular mundane stuff.

LOL Twins that is great! Okay so glad that it went well and I am so sad that we missed it. Now that it's over do you think you could play a little more with us now? We miss you.
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