Monday, March 28, 2005

Stitching again!

The kids have been having quiet time all afternoon and I was able to do almost an hour on "Stretch". I haven't picked up the floss since the end of January and it felt good to be doing it again. Naturally I goofed up by using the wrong colour on one area of the border ( it's really hard to tell the difference between 3822 and 3821 ) and now I will have to frog it out next time I work on him.

I made the switch from scrapbook work to stitching in order to not burn out on my cropping ideas. I got gung ho for a while and got lots done, but I don't want my pages to become automatic. That isn't really the idea I'm trying to convey but I don't know how else to describe it. If you do scrapbooking you will likely know what I mean.

I might get some more done at Lisa's workshop on Thursday night, but I will more likely be re-organizing my CM Accessory Binder. I got some paper and sticker protectors from Lisa and that is my next goal. I've already started and got rid of a bunch of stickers and die cuts I was never going to use. ( I gave them to Kyra ). What I really need to work on now is the paper. I will slowly accumulate paper protectors and organize as I go. My goal is to have one protector for each of CM's new "Shades of" series ( ie: Shades of Yellow, Shades of Green, etc. ) and one just for all the little scraps that are always left over from cutting out things. I find I use scraps all the time for little bits of page filler such as date boxes or something.

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