Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ruminations on cough medicine

I have had a cold for a week and during that time I have taken Buckley's cold and cough mixture. Yes it tastes foul. My husband says it looks like melted Vick's Vaporub. Well it tastes like it too! However some of the other stuff I have taken over the last few years have been equally as foul and they are supposed to be "cherry flavour" or something. At least Buckley's is honest and warns you that it isn't going to taste good!

The only cough medicine I know tastes reasonably okay is Benyllin. My mom gave my sister and I that all the time when we were kids. I may be just thinking it tastes good because of a childhood memory, but I've had it within the last few years and I am pretty sure I remember it tasting okay. It's rather pricey though and I really don't think that cough syrup actually helps that much, no matter what brand you use. The prescription codeine stuff works not too bad, but you have to be pretty sick to get your doctor to prescribe it.

Sending healthy vibes your way!
Whoa I can comment again- Buckley's good very good. I think it is the pine needles or whatever the crappy tasting stuff is, is good. Feel better!
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