Monday, March 21, 2005

No clever title this time

Just have a few things to yack about:

-Got cool birthday stuff this weekend. T and kids gave me earrings, socks and a belt. A CM Premier album from the folks ( get ready Lisa! ) and a bunch of little bead containers and a shirt from my sister. And 36 years old isn't too bad so far!
-The kids are down for snoozed right now. They've had fun playing together all day. I have mostly just fed them and left them alone. They are being so good. Kyle misses Kyra when she's at school all day.
-Hubby says we are going to check out the office's FTP site tonight. Oh goodie, I need to get cracking on that and he has promised to help me since he is the one who set it up. After this I will be the one maintaining it.
-Strange weather today. I should have checked on my blog this morning to see how my weather pixie interprets hail. At the moment it's just cloudy. I hope tomorrow is dry, I want to do some weeding in the front garden.

Glad you had a good birthday. 36 is a good year but you will always be 28 to me.
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