Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Helping at school

My friends and I have had this discussion before, but since I was at a carnival meeting this morning I thought I would blog about it.

We've got some cool ideas going for the carnival and I think it will turn out to be successful, but our chairperson, Nancy mentioned that they always have a hard time getting parents to help. I realize that people work and kids have activities, etc. but surely you can spare an hour to help out or help clean up or something? How many times have we heard from child psychologists, the media, the government, the school board, etc. that having you be a visible presence in your child's school shows that you think their education and what they do at school is important. If you believe school is important, they will too and be better students. I don't need a psychologist or politician to tell me that, it's common sense.

Nancy also mentioned that the PAC is viewed as "cliquey" which is unfortunate since it's not true. I met Nancy the first day of school and went to the first meeting a couple of weeks later. We are new at the school and the neighbourhood and I was instantly welcome, in spite of not knowing anyone at all at the beginning of the school year. Naturally of course the people that complain how things are done are never the ones to volunteer to do anything. I know that I will be running at least one activity at the carnival and people better keep their mouth shut about how I do it, or they will get an earful!

I have done Bingo for my school 4 times this yr! Now the head of the bingo thing has stepped down and they asked me to run it.

I explained that I love helping out, however with moving, my husband starting a new job, and 3 small children I could not donate enough time to run it as well as I would want.

Why is it that out of 600 families or more they could not find someone that could help out and we could share the bingo thing??
That sucks Kelley. I know what you mean though, we are the only family to volunteer to help weed the gardens for a half hour on Saturday's. Go figure.
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