Monday, March 07, 2005

Coat? Sweater? Naked?

Fuck if I know! I just love March, NOT! This morning I went out in a fleece and my husband's nylon windbreaker. Almost died of heat stroke on the way to school. But loaded me Kyle on the bus to the library anyway. Got home and took off fleece and put on t-shirt. Fast forward to 2:00 and time to get Kyra. Took a look at the wind and put on my warm jacket over t-shirt. 2nd mistake of the day. Jacket was over my arm halfway to school. I am at this point walking north. The wind in my face is almost making my nose go numb, but the sun beating on my back is surely giving me second degree burns!

No wonder I have a cold right now. My body temperature has no idea what is going on!

I have been trying to comment all week, finally I get in.

I would say Naked would be a bit nippy, but what about just a trench coat and nothing else.

Protected from the elements yet still naked!
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