Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's cleanup

I have spent most of my day so far tidying up the house from Kyle's birthday party. When I went to put away the tissue and gift bags that some of his presents came in, I found that I really needed to organize my supply of gift wrap, bags, etc. ( Which I have been putting off since Christmas ).

The people who lived in this house very kindly left nails hanging in the storage area under the stairs ( there is no light bulb there however so it's difficult to see anything! ) so now I have my wrap organizer and various bags hanging up out of the way. That was one chore I was glad to get done.

For Valentine's Day DH and I just give each other cards, and we give the kids a little something. Since Kyle was born on the 13th, we have pretty much given up on anything elaborate for Valentine's Day for probably another 10 years. His birthday just takes up too much time, energy and $$ for us to do anything else. I have great sympathy for people born at Christmas. DH on Dec. 12th is bad enough.

Happy Valentines to all of you. Way to go on the cleanup. I seem to keep cleaning the same room over and over again.
Clean up and being organized.... what the f^&%! Baby you need to hang out with me.... The Queen of Doing Nothing!

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