Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A typical day

The kids were great this morning. Kyra made her own lunch and a bagel for her brother for breakfast. I was being lazy this morning. I think giving blood drains me ( figuratively ) more than it used to.

Then the fight starts because she doesn't want to wear her vest over her sweater to walk to school. Yes it will be too hot for it at 2:15 and yes you will probably have to carry it home, life sucks sometimes. For now at 8:00 am it is 2 degrees and you are damn well wearing the vest! Plenty of crying while I get her brother organized, but she finally gets the vest on and just stands there looking mulish. She also complains that the vest is too slippery for her back-pack. It's not actually, she wears it just fine all the time. By now I assume she wants me to carry the back-pack ( no way! ) and if she just stands there in the hall, crying, Mommy will take pity on her and pick up the back-pack. Well I did, but I chucked it out the door onto the front step. Very childish and un-Mommy of me I know. So now off we go to school! Part way there Kyra puts up the hood on her sweater because it's windy and her ears are cold. (Insert grinding teeth her as I struggle not to say "I told you it was cold!" )

Right now Kyle is playing Bailey's Book House and he has made me several computer greeting cards. We also did Crayola magic finger painting this morning and he worked on tracing some pictures in his work book. ( we were playing school ) The tracing is to get them ready to trace the letters and numbers later in the book. He's not that great, but for only just turning 4 I am not going to push him.

So what else will the day bring? Some loveys from Kyra and an argument with Kyle about something? Probably. When will Toni be home? Not sure since he went to Everett, Washington today for lunch with a customer and to take photos of one of their latest jobs. National Flight Center Something or Other. Will I get any chores done? Not likely while I sit here on my ass.
Will I get my double-page layout of Easter 1993 finished? Maybe if I feel like scrapping later.

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