Friday, February 11, 2005

Spoiled brats!

I am not a huge hockey fan, and I don't really miss it not being on TV. I am however fed up with the NHL players, greedy bastards that they are. For starters I think it's appalling that millionaires have a union. Pardon me, "players association". Whatever!

They are whining about a salary cap. Oh boo hoo. So you can only make $2 million a season instead of $10 million. Darn!

I'll cry a little bit for you while I am trying to deal with the $13. 74 that is left in my overdraft until next week when hubby gets paid. Oh yeah, and I am also doing my son's birthday party this weekend.

I think it's silly they're even going to make an annoucement that the season is now cancelled. Ummmm, it's you really think you have the teams play for the next month and a half before going into playoffs? What would be the point?!?!

I'm pretty sick of the whole thing, too. I don't even read any articles about it anymore.
Ok, I love hockey. But the players have made me sick. Hello, they ain't saven any lives.... get a friggen grip! PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!

They have just gotten to big for their own good! Time for a little slap of reality! And the big cheeses are doing just that.
Great post by the way...LOL.

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