Friday, February 04, 2005

Now you see me....

...but for this week you didn't! Just got the computer back today. Motherboard did something hinky ( gotta love Abby on "NCIS"! ) and had to get fixed. So I did a quick surf of everyone's blog and I will reply now en masse:

Andrea- congrats on all your cool news! The silver lining to all of you sleeping in the same room might be Greg having to keep his hands to himself more....

Clioratha - sorry can't help you with Lent suggestions but good for you anyway! I hope you aren't giving up Chinese food though, the 9th is Chinese New Year too. Kung Hay Fat Choy!

Glenda - doesn't the Inuit language have a ton of words for snow?

Lisa - keep on flushin' baby, you are my hero of "trying to be at my best togetherness" while I am just trying to find my ass with both hands. ( PS- scrappin' after my zoo stickers come? )

Melissa - your Maiden stitching looks lovely, but I agree with you about the orange dot in her hair, must have been a boo-boo.

Taneya - your FU character are gorgeous so far. Sorry you and Kaleya have been sick.

Whiz - glad you are feeling better, hope you have relaxing weekend.

Zoe- ya gotta come further west!

I'm glad to see you back! :)
Scrappin? Oh yeah sure yabetcha! Can't wait- we have plans to set up a permanent room and everything. So exciting.
But I don't speak Inuit!
Wish we could..... DH wants to see New England in Fall colours for his railroad research... DH is also heading off on a Moose photo hunt with another friends hubby, so hopefully he'll be up for exploying more of Canada another year !
Hey! I just saw this.... and welcome back to the blog world (love NCIS too)
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