Friday, February 18, 2005

Kids and food

I was thinking about the things that we teach kids about food. Today at lunch I gave the kids some apple slices with peanut butter spread on them. They wanted the skin off and I said no because the skin is good for us. That lead to a discussion about fibre and what it does for us. Naturally the kids were thrilled with the somewhat gross subject matter. We also talked about vitamin C since we were having orange juice.

After lunch I got to thinking about what we actually teach our kids about food. In our house we try to eat healthy most of the time, and we make sure the kids actually do eat at least the majority of their dinner. I know sometimes they are hungrier than others, but they at least have to eat something. You also have to try something before you claim not to like it. Use proper table manners. Don't talk with your mouth full, etc.

Then there are the things we teach them that are completely irrelevant to health, nutrition, or manners! Things like:

-smoked oysters are a good thing ( Kyle loves them )
-olives are also good ( Kyle thinks they are a food group ) and mommy prefers hers nicely marinated in vodka at the bottom of a martini glass
-it's okay to eat just green beans for dinner when they are fresh in the summer
-the same is true for corn on the cob
-onion rings are better with tartar sauce than with ketchup
-there is a correct way to eat a DQ ice cream cone
-it's okay to put roast beef gravy on almost anything ( Kyra will eat gravy with a spoon )
-sour cream is a food, not a condiment
-white bread is equivalent to cardboard
-there is no such thing as "too much garlic"
-hot sauce is good on almost anything
-a big glass of skim milk is almost as good as water if you are really thirsty
-do not touch mommy's chocolate
-tea is not just for grown-ups
-saurkraut is mandatory on hot dogs
-blue cheese is the best salad dressing ever

LMAO Kelley- you are awesome. Talk about an education and a healthy appriciate for food. As usual you are a superstar.
And then they can come to Auntie Andrea's house and have JUNK FOOD!

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