Thursday, January 13, 2005

So much for the afternoon.....

I dragged my butt around today big time. I think I am frantically fighting off everyone else's cold, plus I have my period this week. Fun! I was reading to the kids around 3:30 and felt really tired. I asked them if they would go and have quiet time while Mommy layed down. Kyra said she would put a movie on downstairs. (Six years old and can work the DVD player better than me.)

Next thing I know it's 6:00 and the garage door is going up because Toni is home. Yikes! Thank goodness my kids are good and don't destroy the house. Kyra is pretty good at keeping her brother in line. The doors are always locked so I don't feel bad that they would be in danger or anything, mostly since they are pretty responsible. I did have things I kind of had to do though. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

I hope you feel better soon! And yes your kids are safe.... your dog would have pee peed on the bad man! LOL
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