Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Smart little girl!

Kyra was eating soup at dinner and Toni asked her to go let the dog back in. I said that she should finish her soup first. He was hovering over the stove making grilled cheese and didn't see how much was left in her bowl. He left the stove and came and said that yes she should finish her soup. The rest of the conversation follows:

Kyra - "if you are so worried about it, you go let the dog in."
(me trying to not to laugh)
Toni is kind of staring her down now - "Who is the king of the castle around here?"
Kyra - "Mommy!"

That's my girl.........

ROTFLMAO! Smart girl indeed!
LOL! That's so funny!
That is priceless! Way to go Kyra! lol
I knew that kid was a genious. Go Kyra!
Ok you do not need to be smart to get that one! You just need to be around the house. LOL

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