Saturday, January 29, 2005


What a fun evening! We went to Twin Rinks for Family Skate with my sister, BIL and nephew and LB and her family. I hadn't been on skates for nearly 10 years, but after a somewhat shaky start I remembered how to do it. Not that I was graceful or anything, but at least I didn't fall down. Kyra is doing really well with her skating. Going with the Grade Ones once a month is doing wonders for her. Tonight was her 4th time on skates and she was skating slowly around without the bar. Kyle was a bit leary at first but he hung onto our hands for a while and used the bar for part of the time. In the end he had a blast and wants us to buy him skates!

Afterwards we went to Timmy's for hot chocolate and doughnuts. The kids still went to bed as soon as we got home and actually fell asleep in spite of the sugar!

That was so much fun. Thanks for joining us. I forgot to tell you, the C-Man got sick later that night from eating doughnuts before bed. LOL- bad mommy, bad!
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