Sunday, January 23, 2005

Our turn for the pukefest!

Thanks everyone for their germs! Kyle came home from Bertha's on Thursday afternoon complaining of a sore stomach. He lasted until 4:30 and proceeded to throw up for basically the next hour. He was fine after that and all day Friday. Yesterday he was tired and whiny and then Kyra started complaining of a sore stomach.

Kyle was in bed for maybe half an hour before he barfed all over his pillow and his pj's. Poor little guy had to jump in the shower so I could clean it out of his hair. Back to bed for him, then it was Kyra's turn to hunch over the toilet off and on. Kyle did it again around 10:00 ( smart us put 2 towels in his bed ) and Kyra was up twice in the night.

This morning I Lysoled the whole house, Toni opened all the windows for some fresh air, and I bleached the kids bathroom. So quiet time today, and I hope Kyra makes it to school tomorrow.

Ain't it fun? Sorry you guys are down for the weekend. I think this one is unaviodable. There are entire classes of kids out with this think. It is taking the Wack by storm. Hope you are all feeling better soon. Call if you need anything delivered.
Awww Kelley - sorry to hear about the little ones being sick. I hope is skips you and Toni.

Cyberhugs (germ free, of course) to you and yours. :)
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