Friday, January 07, 2005

Not a snow day

Well not according to School District 33 anyway. The superintendant must have been raised on the prairies or something and doesn't get how SW BCers can't drive in the snow. Bunch of districts closed today but not Chilliwack! Fortunately Daddy stayed home due to Sumas being totally ugly ( Greyhound bus in the ditch ugly ) so he dropped Kyra off and then went to Superstore. He said he had a leisurely stroll around since the store was virtually empty. For those of who have not experienced Superstore, it's NEVER empty.

So since Toni is home, the dog has a walking path through the backyard, Kyle got a little play time and I took some pictures. Updated web site link coming up as soon as I get the Dreamweaver book back from Nerissa.

PS- glad to see that -2C is finally cold enough for my pixie to be wearing a coat.

Yes I was wondering how long it would take for our Pixies to put on coats. LOL Maybe they know the superintendant!

I did not hear about the Greyhound..... not nice. Greg got to stay home from work til 11am, yahoo! I guess nobody wants to do a roof on a windy snowy day. Chickens....LOL.

Love Andrea
The superintendant needs to get a clue. What a dumb.....nevermind.
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