Monday, January 10, 2005

My famous blogger twin is.......

Your Famous Blogger Twin is Wil Wheaton
You're a friendly, funny guy (or girl) next doorWith more than a touch of geekiness

Who's" Your Famous Blogger Twin?

What's that gagging noise? Oh it's Lisa from all the way down Cumberland!

Dave Barry...hmmm...ok...but I am funnier and a lot more handsome.
Oh dear god you made me choke on my blueberry/rice milk smoothy. I'll get you for thing one. *Insert overdramtic eye roll here*
Wil..... sooo sorry. I was hoping for you to be some stripper or maybe even a nun! LOL

I've actually read Wil Wheaton's blog a couple of times and it's pretty good, surprisingly! Try it out, it's not so bad :)
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