Friday, January 14, 2005

Money smells like coffee....

at least according to one of the other PAC moms! This morning Kyle and I spent the entire time in the parents room. He was happily playing with the toys with another little boy and I was counting hot lunch money with 2 other moms. Normally there are more of us but the other ladies where doing lice checks all over the school. Sherry, Marina and I were quite happy to sit and count mostly coins. We all drank seveal cups of coffee and at one point Marina did make the comment about the money smelling like coffee. It was true to, sort of mixed with that metallic-y money smell. Thank you to the person who paid for their kids lunch with a $1.50 in nickels.

The school fundraiser was also today. Each class did extra excercise in the gym and they all collected pledges this week. The school raised $2150 to donate to the Red Cross for the tsunami relief effort. Yay Watson!

I guess PAC is like PTA (Parent Teacher Assocation) in the states? Congratulations on your fundraising efforts - that's great!
Yes Cathy, sorry to be less than clear. It amounts to the same thing and stands for Parent Advisory Council.
I am afraid of our PAC.... just a bunch of bickering bettys!

Great going for Watson!

How are you feeling?

Nice- nickles! Eeeeek I bet that was some fun. Oh well a little brain practice for a morning. Cool on the Tsunami fundraising-yay!
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