Thursday, January 20, 2005

Frances Mueller 1936-2002

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of my mother-in-law’s death. I just kind of realized that today was the 20th. Day-to-day matters like Kyra’s hot lunch day at school have been on my mind. Funny how a date in one year is mundane and in another year is momentous.

Sunday, January 20th, 2002 was a beautiful sunny day. Mom died in the morning, unfortunately shortly before we made it to Richmond. We still got to see her and say goodbye though. In hindsight I am kind of sorry I did that. It’s a bit morbid.

The following Saturday we had a memorial service, followed by a fairly typical family dinner/party. We gave Mom a great send-off. I am sure she was tsk-tsking us the whole time, while being secretly amused at her crazy, fun-loving offspring.

Here’s to you Mom, we miss you. Prosit!

To Frances with love from us.
How is Toni's day going?

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